The Company

In 1996, Universal Bonded and general warehouse begins your activities in warehouse, after the fusion with CNAGA (Cia Nacional de Armazéns Gerais e Alfandegados). Universal is a Brazilian private company, private capital, which the main objective is provide logistic solutions for national and international storage in bonded terminal of public usage according to the law.

We have a specialized and qualified professional team in foreign trade, attending the needs of our clients in many steps of good storage.

The company is in 88000  area, in an economic polo, near the most important roads, facilitating the logistical flow.

Universal also counts with CBCE – Cia. Brasileira de Comércio Exterior support, as an investor holding company, which confers its excellence and know-how to the company’s services. CBCE was founded in 1942, in the city of Santos – SP, where it began its activities attending customs offices and today specializes in customs regimes and acts as a trading company.

Mission, Vision and Values


Attend and provide solutions of high value in the foreign trade market.


Being recognized in the market for its solidity, high quality services, commitment to business growth and the well-being of our employees.


• Quality as a principle in everything we do;

• Ensure and maintain an organized, clean, safe and appropriate work environment for the use of all;

• Remunerate our shareholders properly;

• Value the development of our collaborators;

• All employees of the company should think as owners;

• Add constant value to our clients’ businesses;

• Look for efficient and competitive suppliers that aim at lasting partnership;

• Help our community with socio-educational actions.


• Guarulhos

• Osasco

• Bahia

• Rio Grande do Norte

• Rio de Janeiro

• São José dos Campos

• São Paulo

• Jacareí

• Mato Grosso

• Caçapava


• Spain

• China

• United States

• Paraguay