Universal warehouse is located in Jacareí-SP, between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and close to the mainly Brazilians airports and ports.

Structure and Dimensions

Total Area

88.000 m2

General Warehouse

35.070 m2

Customs Area



Climatized and Refrigerated Area1.000 m2
Bonded Patio10.972 m2
Bonded Area Covered7.714 m2
General Warehouse Patio12.078 m2
General Warehouse Covered Area21.084 m2
Bonded Docks Covered1.113 m2


• Road Scale

• Manual Scale

• 2 up to 7 Ton Forklift

• 30 Ton Forklift

• Clamp

• Push- Pull

• Billet (coil pin)

• SRPV – Recognition Signal

• Articulated Platform ISM (PTA)