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Universal has changed its processes. What used to be a customs station in secondary zone (dry ports) has now changed to a new category: CLIA – Logistics and Industrial Customs Center. Procedures that were previously carried out in the primary zones (ports and airports) are now released to operate in this new enclosure, as well as the entire process of customs landing in the import and export of goods in a structure and prior to the exclusivity of the Internal Revenue Service.

The CLIA – Logistic and Industrial Custom Center, can receive, in deposit, goods replaced or nationalized, guaranteeing to the depositor a storage of the highest quality and safety.

Advantages: Operational in the entrance of the merchandise for deposit, exit to the internal and external market and handling during permanence and deposit, always according to federal and state tax laws.


• Fumigation/purging of lots to be exported;

• Fumigation/purging of import lots when necessary.

General Warehouse

• Distribution center;

• Palletization/depalletization;

• Tagging.

Customs Procedure

• Common Import and Export regime;

• Temporary admission;

• Temporary export/import;

• Customs warehouse;

• Certified Bonded Warehouse – DAC;

• Systemic and physical inventory;

• Packaging (Strech);

• Transfer and distribution;

• Transhipment;

• Handling;

• Pallet detachment.

For the consignee

• Specialized team;

• Appropriate local for storage;

• Possibility of splitting the lots.

General warehouse

Universal general warehouse area is destinated to receipt and maintenance of goods or property of third parties. Our duty is to watch over good that enter or leaves the warehouse, ensuring a strategic storage location, which nullifies any possibility of damage and risk to the merchandise..

We have as basic principle the safety of our facilities. In addition, to compress one of our values ​​that is “To maintain an organized, clean, safe and proper environment for everyone’s use”, Universal counts on: controlled access, daily rounds, cameras installed at strategic points and a team highly trained to fight fire and act in risk situations.