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By sponsoring cultural and social projects, Universal encourages artists and also promotes inclusion in the city of Jacareí – São Paulo. After all, culture is a fundamental element for the formation of human beings, opening their mind, showing new possibilities and seeking a better life.


In commitment to black women, artists and people living in peripheral areas, Universal sponsors the webseries Trajectories – Women, Works and Lifes. It shows how people can learn with the life and work of 4 incredible warriors. They are women who, despite having many challenges, never gave up and always worked hard for art, social justice and a more equal world. Let’s get to know some of them:

Cecília Militão has been a singer for over 20 years. Since she was 8 years old, she sings and delights everyone who hears her voice. She studied popular vocal technique and also at the Free University of Music Tom Jobim. She has already gained national recognition by participating in several TV programs, including being the great champion of 3 vocal competitions.

Ivani Melo is an actress, producer, graduated in Art and Pedagogy and teacher of Art in Early Childhood Education. She is an activist at Yabás and has extensive work in anti-racist education.

Vanessa Zanchi is an actress, cultural producer and entrepreneur at Poema Café. In cultural projects and campaigns, she is always bringing people together for the most diverse awareness of society’s problems and solutions.

Dona Olivia has been a writer since childhood. A great observer of the world, with an exciting literature, which portrays reality in a unique way, mainly about her experiences of being a black and peripheral woman.


Another very interesting project that Universal sponsors is Musical Icons, where people have the opportunity to watch 8 shows/interviews with independent artists from the city of Jacareí.

The presentations are free and open to the public. In addition to great music, the project also features the participation of renowned journalist Israel Goldenstien, who interviews each of the artists.

Some of the participating artists are Luisinho Melo, Lino Freitas, Isabely Fernandes, Mira Tamires, Cecília Militão, Alê Freitas and Marcelo Serrano.

A different and special popular project, that encourages the music and culture of the city.