Universal is a 100% Brazilian company, with private capital, which offers complete logistics solutions for the storage of the most different goods.

Our team consists of approximately 90 highly trained professionals. Acting in the administrative and
operational areas, all are specialists in storage and handling, ensuring quality and efficiency in all
customer processes.

Whether importing or exporting goods, we have common, air-conditioned and refrigerated storage
services. All with state-of-the-art infrastructure, machinery and equipment to ensure excellence in
every detail.


Offer practical solutions with high added value for Brazilian’s foreign trade.


To be recognized for the very high quality of services, excellence in service, commitment to the business of customers and the well-being of all its professionals.


1. Quality as a start in everything we do;
2. Ensure and maintain the work environment organized, clean, safe and suitable for the use of everyone;
3. Remunerate our shareholders properly;
4. Valuing the development of our contributors;
5. All company employees must think like
6. Add constant value to the businesses of our
7. Search for efficient and competitive providers
that aims for long partnership;
8. Help our community with socio-educational