We have a large area with complete structure
and modern equipments

Universal changed their procedures. What used to be a bonded area in a secondary area (dry ports) has now changed to a new category: CLIA – Customs Logistic and Industrial Center. The procedures that were previously carried out in the primary areas (ports and airports) are now cleared to operate in this new enclosure.

In this way, the entire customs clearance process in the import and export of goods gains a structure and operations before exclusive to the Federal Revenue. For this reason, CLIA can now receive, in deposit, national or nationalized goods, guaranteeing depositor high quality and safe storage.

Customs Warehouse

• Regular Importation Procedure
• Temporary Export / Export
• Certified Customs Deposit
• Temporary Admission
• Redex
• Bonded Warehouse

General Warehouse

• Distribution Center
• Palletizing / Depalletizing
• Labeling
• Systemic / Physical Inventory
• Packaging (Strech)

Government Services

• Ministry of Agriculture,
Livestock and Supply


ANVISA’s Licenses

• Food
• Pharmaceutical
• Related
• Sanitizing
• Cosmetics

What are the advantages?

• Operationally when entering the goods for deposit
• Departure to the domestic and foreign markets
• Handling during stay and deposit

All in accordance with state and federal tax laws.